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301.Ekeout(辛苦经营,勉强维持)abaresubsistence竭力维持温饱的生活 302.Dofarming,tilllands,plantvegetables,feedpigs,raisesilkwormsandspincottonintoyarn.务农,耕地,种菜,喂猪,养蚕,纺棉。 303.Workhar...

301.               Eke out (辛苦经营,勉强维持) a bare subsistence   竭力维持温饱的生活

302.               Do farming, till lands, plant vegetables, feed pigs, raise silkworms and spin cotton into yarn. 务农,耕地,种菜,喂猪,养蚕,纺棉。

303.               Work hard from dawn to dusk  起早贪黑地工作(from predawn to midnight)

304.               The knack of … ……的诀窍       榨油 squeeze/extract oil from

305.               Coarse grain粗粮  大麦barley,小麦wheat, 燕麦oat,荞麦 buckwheat, 青稞 Highland barley, 高粱 sorghum/kaoliang, 小米/黍 millet,

306.               With gusto 满怀热情的,津津有味的     eat with gusto  吃得津津有味

307.               Long-stemmed Chinese pipe  大烟,旱烟

308.               Diligence and frugality,generosity and kindheartedness  勤劳和简朴,慷慨和善良

309.               Ride roughshod over 欺压,欺凌         Scrape up  积攒,凑足

310.               To keep up appearance  撑场面,撑门面

311.               Gentry 人们(多贬义),贵族们,有钱人

312.               War of Resistance toJapan.  抗日战争,抗战

313.               Never bow down to any difficulty  不向(任何)困难低头

314.               Bequeathed somebody … 馈赠给,赠予某人……

315.               Pack with  挤进,塞进,塞满了人

316.               Hair disheveled like wind-blown withered grass, eyes blood-shot, shuffle languidly in the slippers. 头发凌乱得像吹乱的枯草,眼睛布满血丝,颓然地趿拉着拖鞋。

317.               A blind alley = a dead-end = cul-de-sac   死胡同

318.               Moss-covered and hung with clusters of fresh green wisteria, which almost like screens of primitive simplicity.   苔痕斑斑,挂满苍翠欲滴的藤萝,简直像古朴的屏风。

319.               Reign peace and quiet amidst of noisy bustle.  闹中取静,别有天地

320.               Where each family have their covered-up stories of joys and sorrows, and rise and decline.  家家有一本哀乐账,有一部兴衰史

321.               A water-like placidness will make one forget all cares and worries.  平静如水澄明,使人忘忧

322.               Greedy sidelong glances and malicious squints.  贪婪的睨视,恶意的斜觑。

323.               Roam about leisurely  悠闲地散步         a heavenly abode for … …的乐土,洞天幽境

324.               Exchange knowing looks at one another   相互交换眼色,使眼色

325.               Questionable attitude towards life and career.  生活作风问题(不端正的作风)

326.               Be taken aback   被惊到,吃了一惊

327.               鸡笼  coop, (鸡)咯咯叫 cackle,  yell blue murder 大声惊呼,大惊小怪地叫嚷

328.               A glib tongue = a well-oiled tongue  油嘴滑舌的

329.               Engrossed in doing …  一心做,埋头干。。。

330.               As something ingrained, it cannot be completely changed overnight. 根深蒂固,不可能朝夕改正

331.               The discontinuance of heartbeat.  心脏停止了跳动

332.               Play up to bigwigs  奉承阿谀权贵之人/趋炎附势         frame-up  陷害,捏造,诬陷

333.               Crystal clear 完全明白,极其清楚

334.               Hearing is not necessarily less credible than seeing. 耳听不一定为虚,眼见不一定为实

335.               The world over = worldwide  全世界(用作后置定语)

336.               Having blind faith in … 盲目信仰,盲目相信……

337.               Far from being faultless.  远不是完美无缺的

338.               To do somebody a (gross) injustice.  (巨大的/严重地)冤枉某人,对某人不公

339.               Alms bowl  钵盂,和尚的金钵

340.               On no account   绝不                Seek a living for oneself   谋份生路 / 讨生活

341.               Get up to mischief  玩闹,乱动

342.               Inadvertent  非故意的,不注意的,疏忽的

343.               An illustrated edition 插图版

344.               Get wind of … 耳闻,听到……的风声

345.               Pay tribute to … 歌颂,称赞……           ask(play) riddles   猜谜语

346.               the story “Flooding Jinshan Monastery”. A man named Xu Xian rescued two snakes, one white and one green. The white snake changed into a woman to repay Xu’s kindness and married him, while the green snake changed into her maid and accompanied her. A Buddhist monk by the name of Fa Hai saw from Xu’s face that he had been bewitched by an evil spirit, so he hid Xu behind the shrine in Jinshan Monastery, and when Lady White Snake came to look for her husband the whole place was flooded. In the end Fa Hai trapped Lady White Snake, and put her in a small alms-bowl. He buried this bowl in the ground, and built a pagoda over it to prevent her getting out. This was Leifeng Pagoda by West Lake.



347.               The wretchedness of life and the hopeless situation caused him to take to smoking, drinking and gambling. 悲惨的生活和绝望的处境使他渐渐开始染上抽烟、酗酒和赌钱。

348.               With poverty came sickness.   病随穷来。

349.              Utter falteringly  支支吾吾地说

350.               Be all for the best  结果会是好的,(表面上看起来不好但)出于好意,到头来会是好事

351.               Wretch 可怜的人,不幸的人,卑鄙的人

352.               More dead than alive  筋疲力尽,累得要死     a heap of 一大堆,许多

353.               Umbilical cord 脐带, placenta 胎盘,

354.               At the painful recollection  在痛苦的回忆当儿……

355.               Hoe 锄头, shovel 铁铲, spade 铁锹, plough 犁,

356.               At the crack of dawn,  黎明时分,天刚破晓

357.               Nuptial(婚礼的,结婚的) chamber = bridal chamber 洞房

358.               Indisposition 微恙,不舒服,小病

359.               Time and again 屡次,常常

360.               In view of the public and the personal concerns  于公于私,

361.               Earn sb a niche at the temple of fame  名留青史

362.               Overthrow the monarch and establish the republic  推翻帝制,建立共和

363.               Unshirkable responsibility, 无法逃避的责任,义不容辞之责

364.               The Three People’s Principles   三民主义

365.               The present international situation is capricious. 国际局势变幻无常。

366.               Time will not stay and brief is the day, a long night invites bad dreams.  来日苦短,夜长梦多,时不我待。

367.               “For all the disasters the brotherhood has remained; a smile at meeting and enmity is banished.”


368.               It fills me with much concern to learn of … 近闻……,颇感关切/甚为挂念

369.               A great achievement to go down in history  千秋伟业