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BBC News with Nick Kelly

A bomb has exploded in a market close to a military barracks in the Nigerian capital Abuja, killing a number of people. Our correspondent Tomi Oladipo has the latest details.

It's in an area which is a market, which has a bar, an open-air bar, where people come to drink. And I've spoken to witnesses who were at the scene, and they say they've seen bodies being carried out. So far, the sources within the ministry are telling me 11 people have been killed in the attack, but I still can't confirm that because the place has been cordoned off by police and the ambulance services which are there.

The man who's refusing to step down as president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, has said the country could face greater violence if he were removed from office. The international community is demanding that he hand over power to his rival Alassane Ouattara, who's believed to have won the election. Speaking to the Euronews television channel, Mr Gbagbo indicated he might consider resigning if the regional group Ecowas were to intervene militarily to try to remove him.

"I will see, but it's not on the agenda for the moment. What's on the agenda is to negotiate, so we are negotiating. I ask myself why those who pretend to have beaten me oppose a recount of votes. That's what I want to know. I ask those people to support a recount."

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says she has warned senior Ivorian officials including Mr Gbagbo that they could be held criminally accountable for human rights violations in Ivory Coast. The UN has accused security forces loyal to Mr Gbagbo of killing and abducting people associated with the opposition. It says officials have been unable to investigate allegations of atrocities including at least two mass graves.

In Australia, thousands more people are getting ready to evacuate their homes in the northeastern state of Queensland, where some of the worst flooding in half a century has affected more than a million square metres of territory. In the town of Rockhampton, the Mayor Brad Carter described what the emergency services were facing.

"We are going to have a very tough situation whereby we may have to use only in disaster, processes of forced evacuations, and this is a very difficult issue. As you can appreciate, you can have, for example, some very elderly people that are very reluctant to leave their home, and for their own safety and goodwill, we will have to look at ways and means of relocating them, and we hope that that these are isolated and extreme cases."

Rescue workers in southern Egypt say they've recovered the bodies of 11 children who were on board a bus swept away by floods on Wednesday. The bus was carrying 75 children and teachers returning home after dark from a school outing when it was dragged into a sand-filled trench by the water. More than 60 managed to escape with minor injuries, but an ambulance driver who'd helped rescue some of the girls was killed.

World News from the BBC

On his last full day in office, the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has decided not to extradite a former left-wing militant to Italy. Cesare Battisti escaped from an Italian jail nearly 30 years ago while awaiting trial and eventually fled to Brazil. In his absence, he was convicted of four murders. Italy has recalled its ambassador to Brazil in protest at President Lula's decision.

The former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has appeared for further questioning by prosecutors investigating allegations of abuse of power. In a BBC interview, she again accused President Viktor Yanukovych of being behind the charges so as to destroy political opponents.

The army in Bolivia has begun selling bread in response to a strike by bakers angry at the government's decision to scrap fuel subsidies. Loaves baked in military ovens are being sold by troops from 12 locations in the city of La Paz and El Alto. The Bolivian government says the aim is to prevent shortages and counter a threat by bakers to raise bread prices. Mass protests against the fuel price hike, suspended for the New Year's weekend, are expected to resume on Monday.

And the 19th century Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid has been denied a pardon 130 years after his death. The possibility was first suggested when historical documents appeared to show that Billy the Kid had been promised a pardon in return for testifying in a murder case. Ann Busby reports.

Billy the Kid, whose real name was William Bonney, was only 21 when he was shot dead, but his brief life inspired dozens of books and films. It's not clear how many people he killed; some say more than 20. But his undoubted skill with a gun and his personal charm made him more of a folk hero than a notorious criminal. Supporters campaigned for a pardon, but the Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson has refused one after extensive research. "The romanticism appealed to me," he said, "but the evidence didn't support the idea."

BBC News

尼日利亚首都阿布贾一座军营附近的市场内一枚炸弹爆炸,造成多人死亡。我们的记者Tomi Oladipo报道最新细节。




联合国人权高级专员皮莱(Navi Pillay)表示,她已经警告包括巴博在内的科特迪瓦高级官员,他们将为科特迪瓦的践踏人权事件承担刑事责任。联合国指控忠于巴博的安全力量杀害和绑架反对派支持者。联合国表示,官员们不能调查包括至少两个集体墓穴在内的暴行指控。

在澳大利亚北部的昆士兰州,半个多世纪以来最严重的洪水影响了超过100万平方米的地区,数千人已经做好准备进行撤离。在Rockhampton镇,镇长Brad Carter讲述了急救服务面临的困难。




在离任前的最后一天,巴西总统卢拉决定不将一名前左翼好战分子引渡到意大利。大约30年前,Cesare Battisti等待审判的时候从意大利监狱越狱,最终逃往巴西。在缺席审判中,他被确定四项谋杀罪。意大利召回驻巴西大使,抗议卢拉的决定。

乌克兰前总理季莫申科(Yulia Tymoshenko)接受检控官对滥用职权指控的进一步调查。在BBC的采访中,她再次指控总统亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovych)利用这些指控来消灭政治对手。


19世纪美国西部著名的“小杀手比利”在死后130年仍被拒绝赦免。最初,一些历史文件似乎表明杀手比利为一桩谋杀案作证来换取自己的赦免。Ann Busby报道。

杀手比利小子的真实姓名是威廉·勃尼,他被枪毙时只有21岁,但是他短暂的一生激发了数十部书籍和电影。没人知道他到底杀了多少人,有人说大概20多个。但是他毋庸置疑的枪法和个人魅力使他成为国民英雄,而不是臭名昭著的罪犯。支持者们举行活动要求赦免他,但是新墨西哥州州长Bill Richardson进行了广泛的调查之后拒绝了该要求。“这种浪漫主义精神很吸引人,但是证据不能支持这种说法。”