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范文 1
The Tape Recorder
      The tape recorder is one of the most welcome and popular electronic devices ever invented. There are many types of recorders. Some may be as big as a hand box some may be as small as a watch. Now a new type called Walkman has come into being, which is so convenient that you can take it with you wherever you want to go. It is also very cheap, about forty or fifty yuan, and the most expensive one costs only several hundred, and it is very easy to handle even for a child. Therefore, almost each family has one or two recorders.
      This device is useful in many ways. It is not only widely used in our daily life, for example, filming, sporting, exercising, but also used in National Security. It is an essential instrument for the young to learn foreign languages, for the old to listen to music or Peking Opera and for English teachers to make their class lively and interesting.
      However, it can also become a nuisance if we use it improperly. It will have a bad effect on others or ourselves if we play it too long or too frequently. So we must make good use of it to promote our study and work.

范文 2
      The computer is a wonderful machine. It is the most important invention in our modern time. Today it is used a great deal in many ways. In the future the computer will probably touch the life of every one, even people in remote villages.
      Computers can do many kinds of work. For example, in big shops, information about the sale is put into a computer. During the night the computer works on the information from all the sales that day. The next morning, the manager has a report on everything that will soon be sold out. In scientific researches, a scientist can “ask” a computer some questions. This is almost like talking to another scientist.
      In the past few years there have been great changes in computers. They now can do most of the things that people do, though most scientists have no idea about what computers of tomorrow will be like. Will they make life better, or will they bring suffering to people? People today have to decide how to use the computers of tomorrow.

范文 3
Science and Technology in Modern Life
      Human life cannot continue without science and technology. For many centuries, human society develops with the advance of science and technology. So the life we are living now is more civilized than that of our forefathers.
      The development of science and technology has brought about many changes in people's life. For example, the invention of television and the space rocket has opened a new era for mankind. Through the use of TV people can hear and see the events, which happened or, are still happening thousands of miles away. Owing to spaceship and the rocket, the dream of man's landing on the moon has now come true.
      Science and technology also play an important role in our social construction. We may say that our social construction is like a skyscraper that cannot be built up without the help of science and technology. Therefore, we should try our best to contribute to the development of science and technology so as to provide a more solid base to build our country.

范文 4
What Would Happen if There Were No Power
      Ever since early this century, electricity has become an essential part of our modern life. It has played a decisive role in modern industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense and education. Nobody can deny that the development of our civilization depends on electricity.
      If there were no electric power, our modern world would be in great trouble. For one thing, all the wheels would stop because the motors that power the machines would stop. For another, many of our industries would cease production. And all the electrical equipment such as washing machines, refrigerators, TVs would stop working. In short, our modern life would be impossible without electricity.
      Therefore, we should make better use of electric power. On the one hand, we should educate people to economically use electricity and not to waste the energy resources for the future. On the other hand, we must do our best to exploit more electric resources to meet the requirements of the human beings and to avoid energy crisis in the future.

范文 5
My Most Favorite Program
      Nowadays radios and TVs play a more and more important role in our daily life. There are many programs shown every day. Some of them are very good. My most favorite program is called the Animal World, which is provided by CCTV every Sunday night.
      Born and bred in the city, we can cot see any wild animals, and the program just compensates for it. It provides us with natural scenes and life of all kinds of wild animals with the explanation of the narrator. We also learn some knowledge about animals, even some plants. So, in my opinion, it is an interesting as well as instructive program. Besides, the pictures are very beautiful and some of them are also very valuable. It's really a great joy to watch it. If you don't believe it, just watch it yourself.

范文 6
      Newspapers bring us news about current affairs. They help us know what is happening in the world. Stories and sports columns are highly entertaining. And advertisements provide us with various kinds of information.
      Newspapers have several advantages over radios and TV. We can read them wherever and whenever we have time; we can keep them for later reference; we may cut out articles and trace developments in certain subjects.
      Today newspapers are not as important as they used to be, but they still play a role as a form of mass media. Everyday more newspapers than books are read. Their influence should never be underestimated.
      However, the role of the daily press should be to broaden and deepen the reader's view. Instead of moving restlessly and dealing with one event briefly then quickly switching to another, the press should become less restless and dwell on fewer events.

范文 7
Life Without Music
      To me, life without music would not be exciting. I realize that this is not true for everyone. Many people get along quite well without any symphony concerts, jazz festivals or records. But music virtually plays a part in everyone's life, whether he realizes it or not. Try to imagine, for example, what movies or TV dramas would be like without music. The feelings and emotions, the complexities of the plot, and the climax would mot be exciting or dramatic.
      Now, we have been speaking of music in its more common meaning: the kind of music we hear in the concert hall. But if we look at the elements of music more closely, we discover them in our everyday life, too; the rhythm of the sea, the melody of a mocking bird, and the harmony of village chimes. So music surely has meaning for everyone, in some way or other. And, of course, it has special meaning for those who have dedicated their lives to its expression through composition and performance.
      It is well said, “Through music a child enters into a world of beauty, expresses his inmost self, tastes the joy of creating, widens his sympathies, develops his mind, soothes and refines his spirit and adds grace to his body.”

范文 8
Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports
      Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking part in sports, we get the chance to train almost all parts of our bodies. There is no doubt that proper sports activities keep our physical fitness. Furthermore, sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participation, everyone can learn that on the playground he not only struggles for himself but also fights for his team. Sports teach us about consideration, cooperation and optimism to failure.
      But sports can do some harm to those people who cannot plan their activities properly. Too hard training may hurt their bodies, exhaust their vigor, and even cause them to be sick.
      In general, I love sports; enjoy sports. I feel that I not only gain a well balanced life through going in for sports, but also get more chances to move closer to nature. Sports add happiness to my everyday life when I perform in a decent way.

范文 9
Sports in Our Country
      Sports are flourishing in our country now. Table tennis is the most popular sport. School children start playing it when they are very young. Not only is it played in school but it is also a favorite game for workers and people in other walks of life. In fact, it has become a sort of national game. There are other favorite sports. For example, badminton is another popular sport, though it is not played as widely as table tennis. A number of Chinese traditional sports such as Taijiquan, Wushu, Sword play and Qigong, are no less popular. Mention should be made of such ball games as football, basketball and volleyball.
      In order to keep fit and win honor for our motherland, men and women, young and old, take an active part in sports. And our government takes effective measures to promote physical culture and build up our people's health. More and more people go in for sports because sports can help them to build up a healthy body, to train a strong character and to raise the position of the nation in the world.

范文 10
Jogging Is an Ideal Sport
      That jogging is an ideal sport lies in the fact that it is a mild sport. Unlike some sports, such as football and cricket, during which one may easily get hurt, jogging is very safe and especially suitable for those who are not so robust, you may feel exhausted after running because the energy in your body is released too fast, but after jogging you will just feel OK.
Another reason for jogging being an ideal sport is that it has no limit of time or space. You can jog whenever and wherever you want. If it is raining outside, jogging can even be done in a spacious room. How long it lasts depends on your will. So you are less like to be influenced by such factors as time, weather and space when you are jogging.
      Last but not least, jogging is a cheap and convenient sport. It is cheap because no extra apparatus is needed, so you can get exercise without spending a penny. It is convenient, for jogging can be done whenever and wherever you want, and it can be done by oneself. In a word, jogging is such an ideal sport that I would like to recommend it to everyone.